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Dangerous accident in warehouse during work - wounded worker

Hot Warehouse?

Sam works in an unbearably hot warehouse all day. He endures 8-12 hour shifts with no air conditioning and little air movement. Does his story sound familiar?

Feel up to 15°F cooler.

Sam shared MacroAir with his boss, and the fans got the stamp of approval! Fans bring a gentle breeze throughout keeping  Sam cool and comfortable every day. Everyone seemed happier!

“MacroAir fans have brought the temperature down by at least 20 degrees in our warehouse!”

Juan, Skymart Aviation

Older warehouseman having a painful infarction
Unsafe Working Conditions?

Troy operates a forklift in a warehouse where there is dangerous moisture on the floors. He’s experienced accidents at work. Can you relate to his situation?

Be safer while working!

MacroAir fans were installed, and the moisture on the floors was gone! Troy could do his job without the worry of slipping and sliding. No more worry at work.

“If it were not for these fans the warehouse would be unbearable in the summer months.”

 -Carmella, College Station ISD Central Receiving Warehouse

Medical equipment on isolated black background, horizontal
Dangerous Air?

Amanda is exposed to harmful fumes working in a warehouse. The major lack of air movement leaves her with headaches many nights. Sound familiar?

Breathe easy with better air.

After adding our fans, the air quality improved due to better air movement throughout the warehouse. Amanda’s headaches were gone, and she was able to enjoy her evenings again!

We are all pleasantly surprised with the volume of warm air the fans pull from the ceiling in the winter and the supply of cool air in the summer.”

-Ed, Facilities Maintenance Manager

We see you. Make sure they see you, too.


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